What to Take Travelling 2018

Planning a trip around the world is an exciting time, but while planning your destinations is essential, considering what you need to bring is also vital. Sadly, it’s not a case of taking your passport and favourite outfits, here’s a look at some other essentials to take away for an enjoyable trip.

A Good Book (or two)

Sometimes people can forget a fundamental part about travelling, the actual travelling. Journeying across countries takes time, and you can get easily bored, so finding a book, you’re committed to reading might make the travelling part more enjoyable. If you’re not usually the type to read, most bookstores let you sit down a read a chapter to make sure it’s something in! Even if you don’t end up reading it, it’s worth wasting £5 on a book just to avoid the boredom.

Travel Pillow

If you’re going to be a savvy traveller and book some overnight transport, you’ll need an excellent travelling pillow. Trtl offers a purposely engineered travel neck pillow for sleep well while travelling, supporting your neck so you don’t wake up sore and it’s also designed in a way to make it easy to store, unlike other travel pillows.

Clothes Your Willing to Throw Away

It’s easy to remember clothes you love and want to wear while travelling, but remember some clothes you willing to lose or damage can avoid losing some you like. In some countries that can be events where you need some rough garments to damage while enjoying yourself, from paintballing to water fights it’s hard to know what to expect in some foreign lands.

A Daytime Backpack

Your travel bag is likely to be huge, depending on how long you’re going away for, so making sure you have something small for everyday use will keep your valuables secure while exploring. Buying a lock or two will help keep stranger away from trying to pickpocket you too.

Paper Copies of Important Documents

Whether it’s your travel insurance, hotel or flight documents having a copy stored away in your bag will reassure you that if your phone dies or you need so additional info, you’ll have it to hand.

Pain Relief

Although medicine can universally be bought around the world, bringing pain relief from your homeland is always the safer bet. Knowing the brand and being familiar with what you are taking helps to avoid additional problems. It isn’t the most reliable option taking medicine in a foreign country whether you may struggle to read the contents and guidelines, so bring your own is advised.