Fleas and ticks: They can be deadly to your pets

Fleas and ticks are never the tiny and harmless creatures that most people regard them to be, but they can be irritating and even deadly to pets.

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While pet owners would generally agree that fleas and ticks thrive in a pet’s favorite play area, such as the backyard teeming with tall grass with a moist environment, there are unsuspecting and unfamiliar places that can be equally suitable for fleas and ticks to thrive- even inside your home.

Fleas and ticks can be lurking anywhere.


These tiny creatures can be found almost anywhere, and in fact, they are present almost all 50 states in the US- from sunny Florida down to the chilly climate of Washington. It’s not surprising to find that your pet could get infected with a routine visit to a Virginia Beach veterinary hospital where it can easily jump from one animal to another without the host … Read More

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