How to Remortgage With One’s Current Lender?

Remortgaging can save homeowners thousands of pounds over the term of their mortgage, allowing them to avoid hefty interest hikes and to take advantage of attractive competing offers and texas cash out refinance. While many borrowers assume that a remortgage requires them to go with a competing financial institution from the one they are currently with, the truth is that staying with one’s current lender could be more advantageous. Many lenders offer loans to current borrowers that are not only designed to maintain their customer base but can also be more competitive than what is on offer from other lenders. Staying with one’s current lender, however, requires a bit of extra research as many of the best deals for existing customers are not published online. With this in mind, this article will look at the advantages of staying with one’s current lender, and how to find the best mortgage … Read More

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Getting a Mortgage in Portugal

Thinking of buying property in Portugal but unsure about getting a mortgage there? Don’t worry – getting the mortgage in Portugal is not rocket science. Here are a few things you need to know.

The basics

While it’s possible to get a 100% mortgage in Portugal, the most common maximum loan-to-value ratio is between 75% and 80%. Dallas FHA Loans terms can go anywhere from 10 to a maximum of 30 years. The maximum age for completely repaying loans is 75 years old.

The loan currency will be in euros. We highlight this fact because, if your income is in pounds, you should be aware that you will be incurring a currency risk. Should anything cause the euro to strengthen against the pound, it will positively affect the amount of money you will need to Mortgage lender in houston.

If this detail causes you some worry, then remember that … Read More

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