Top Reasons Why You Should Select Serviced Apartments

In the travelling industry, one of the buzz phrases these days is serviced apartments – and for very good reason. For both leisure and business travellers, they are the solution for many traditional accommodation option problems. This is especially true in London, and Reading serviced apartments are widely known.


Let’s start with a factor that all of us consider – money. Travelling is often expensive. Businesses attempt to achieve a healthy bottom line, which means that leisure travellers really need to watch their wallets carefully. Typically, serviced apartments deliver much more for less money. This is especially true when you are travelling on a longer stay or with a larger group or family.

Comfort When You Really Need It

Frequently we underrate how important home comforts are when travelling. We have a tendency to accept that we will lose certain comforting aspects of our daily lives (whether that is being able to snuggle up with a great book or watching TV while enjoying a glass of wine) are important parts of travelling. When you have a serviced apartment you will be spoiled with all of the home comforts you are used to. Often it is more than you have at home. Also, in a serviced apartment you will not have to hassle with poor or restricted Wi-Fi.

Local Concierge

Concierges at hotels have limited functions, and often they are aimed at trying to steer you in a specific direction. That is if the hotel even has a concierge. Numerous serviced apartments in London have a 24-hour concierge. They provide exemplary service as they are London thoroughbreds that are very familiar with their turf. They will be able to assist you with all of your social and travel arrangements, from finding the easiest route to get to your meeting to dining reservations.


Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, food is an important aspect of your travelling experience. Whether that involves time finding it, time to enjoy it or want to be active at tracking down new flavours and tastes. When it comes to hotels, the problem is you will be a bit restricted. A hotel restaurant will most likely serve just one type of fare, and will not be very useful if you don’t like a large meal. Serviced apartments all come with fully-equipped kitchenettes or kitchen, which means you can make a nice leisurely breakfast or late-night snack. You can get a private chef if you want to have gourmet private dining.

Something Unique

Frequently with hotel, you can be any place in the world. The actual hotel itself rarely feeds into the broader cultural and travelling experience. However, with a serviced apartment you can experience the local lifestyle of a specific city. You will also be provided with bespoke service. If you would like your cupboards to be stocked with specific foods before you arrive, that can be arranged ahead of time.


Hotel rooms in London, just like other cities, have a tendency to be small. Space is at a very high premium. By contrast, with most serviced apartments, you get a lot more space for the money that you spend. Most likely your apartment will have several rooms which make the space a lot more useful as well. This is absolutely essential if you are in a family or group.


Privacy is maybe one of the most important reasons why you may want to opt to get a service apartment instead of a hotel. It gives you plenty of space for relaxing, playing and working in without being interrupted. You can have private space of your own – similar to how you do when you are home. You don’t have to be out of the room before housekeeping arrives. You don’t have to spend the night at the bar when you would prefer curling up with a glass of wine on the sofa.


The main problem that you can run into with hotel housekeeping is it is not done based on your own terms. You need to be out of your room at a certain time and there is a strict schedule for the service. However, with serviced apartments, it is possible to have various housekeeping service levels to best suit your needs. So a service apartment offers improved service.

Security and Safety

Serviced apartments are inherently private and self-contained. Nobody comes through your door that you don’t personally let in. And usually, the security entrance will have more secure outer entry, security staff, and CCTV.