Growing in the Right Direction

One of the reasons our sales growth was so minimal for several years is because we were approaching it the wrong way. As a company, we attended a verkooptraining seminar last fall, and we learned so much from it. My own approach was always to sell the company to prospective customers, and that was the wrong approach. You may wonder how that is even possible because that is exactly what I thought too. However, I quickly came to understand that I would have better luck if I sold myself to the customer first.

The customer may have the need for what my company offers, but I have to sell myself first. I have to make that customer want to learn more about the company because of how I present myself to them. I learned how to identify exactly what each customer needs because it is not always the same even if it is the same product that each one needs. The biggest thing I learned was how to communicate better. We can have the best product in the world, but if I don’t sell myself and communicate in the way the customer needs, then it is not going to matter because we will not get the sale.

I learned a new mindset from this training, which is pretty amazing considering the training was only two days long. I would have never thought I could learn something so valuable in such a short period of time, but that is exactly what happened. I learned how to create opportunities, how to sell myself, how to communicate, and how to make the customer realize that they cannot go on without the things I am offering them. It sounds hard, but it is easy once you get the right mindset for it along with the right skills that can be taught to anyone willing to learn. I am just glad that we were all willing because we are definitely growing in the right direction now.