Are paid online courses better than free ones?

A lot of educational platforms offer both free and paid courses. However, there is an age-old debate over which is higher in importance; free courses or paid ones. Irrespective of if you are opting for a paid or free online store, it is important to have the right electronics and gadgets. Hence, you should find useful gadgets brands online reviews on BritainReviews. From the reviews, you will get to know the right electronics and budgets you should buy for your online course.

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The biggest platform that offers free courses is youtube. However, taking a course on youtube is not completely enjoyable.

You will have to see ads several times and that is a huge drawback. Such things get you distracted easily. In some cases, for people who have a fragile learning system, this frequency of ads can damage their grasping capacity. If you want to enjoy watching videos without ads, then you have to subscribe to premium packages.

Also, auto-suggested videos can distract you as well, and they are mostly entertainment-based. You rarely find something that is educational except you search for it. In a way, platforms that offer free online courses also play with your psychology.

They know it is difficult for an average human to spend over an hour on educational content, so they will try to distract you with other things as they don’t want you to leave. Free online courses are great if you get the high-quality ones, but they might not give you the help you need to be serious about what you are studying.

On the other hand, paid online courses elicit more responsibility from you. Because you paid for them, your mindset is changed and you will do all your best to squeeze out every value you can get. As such, there will be no excuses. Also, there are no ads that distract you. The animation and graphics are of higher quality, and the content is more premium.

Most times, students have the opportunity to communicate with the tutor one-on-one. Tutors also provide helpful, extra materials and regular industry updates where necessary. However, not everyone can afford paid courses. In most parts of the world, most people find it difficult to get the basics such as food, clothing, education, shelter, and internet devices and connection, let alone paying for personal or professional development courses.

What matters is your disposition to both free and paid courses. Some people have been beneficiaries of free online courses and they were productive with what they learned. Either paid or free, what you make out of it depends on your mindset. Here are tips that can help you to be productive with what you learn in online courses:

Don’t be too hard on yourself

While learning agility is advised, you must learn at your own pace for effective retention of knowledge. You are not competing with anyone, so you don’t have to put up a front. Your goal should be to get the most out of your online course, in a way that you still remember even after the course has ended.

Practice what you have learned

Another thing is to practice all you have learned. Knowledge without execution equates to not knowing at all. You have to put what you have learned into practice if you want to see results in both your personal and professional development.