6 Best Pens For Taking Notes For College Students

Do you hate to take notes as a student? Maybe it’s because you have not found the right pen that will make you eager to always take notes during lectures.

Are you even aware you can improve your grade with a good pen? Shocking right? Now, when you take notes, you get the chance to read and revise what you have written from time to time, and passing your exams will not be difficult. Also, neat writing can earn you the right grades, and all of this would be possible when you use the perfect pen.

Best Pens for Note Taking at College Classes in 2021 - A Tutor

How can you tell which pen is the best for taking notes? You can scan through Collected.Reviews for the best companies that sell stationery products. Read reviews about such companies and you will discover the best pens for taking notes. According to reviews and research, below is a list of the best 6 pens for taking notes:

Uni-ball Jetstream Stick Rollerball Pen

The first on our list is the Uni-ball Jetstream pen, and it is the kind of pen that makes your colleague call you stingy or self-fish. It has a roller ball on the tip that produces ink that dries off immediately. This means no matter how long you write with the pen, you cannot get your hands covered in ink.

The Pilot Precise V5 

Going by customer reviews, this is one of the best pens for taking notes now. Its precision tip is very admirable and it helps you in writing smoothly. It features a rubber grip that makes it non-slip in your hands; it has a sleek design and a tip that can be retracted. What’s more, it comes in different colors and it doesn’t stain your hands with ink. Furthermore, if your ink dries off, you can always refill it.

Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Looking for the perfect pen that is quite affordable? The Zebra Z-Grip is the perfect budget-friendly pen for you. The pen is very comfortable to hold due to its rubber grip. It writes smoothly and is also retractable. But if the ink dries up, you simply get another pen because you can’t refill it.

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

Bic has been in existence for a while now and so far, they have always proven to be one of the best pens for taking notes. It is always referred to as a basic pen but it performs wonders on your notepad. It writes smoothly and is also affordable. You get about 36 pens in one pack, so when it comes to quality and quantity, you can rely on BIC.

Paper Mate InkJoy Pen

Here comes another pen that comes in different colors. It is of high quality and also writes smoothly. When it comes to holding them, they are quite easy and make taking notes enjoyable. It doesn’t stress you and the ink doesn’t overflow so it will not stain your hands.

Sharpie Plastic Point Stick Water Resistant Pen

The Sharpie pen is sleek and the ink does not smear your book while you are writing. It is also considered one of the best pens for taking notes. It makes your writing smooth and effortless.

Why should you shy away from taking notes when you have the best pens that make your writing smooth and effortless? Make your choice from the pens listed above and enjoy your writing for as long as you want.