4 Reasons Why Online Education Is Better Than Traditional Education?

2020 saw a tremendous change, especially in activities that were perceived as normal.

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From Friday game nights with friends, Sunday afternoon hangouts, dates to family gatherings.

All these activities were deemed as hazards with the spread of the contagious diseases; COVID-19.

The education landscape in particular experienced even more change as it was one of the industries that were most affected by the contagious virus.

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To prevent the virus from spreading and increasing the number of infected individuals, schools across the globe were halted and for a moment, the continuity of learning was uncertain.

However, online education was quickly adopted and distant learning became the norm.

Both teachers and students without prior experience or training jumped on this ship and conducted learning through educational and video conferencing platforms.

As different governments slowly opened up their economies and lifted their bans and restrictions step by step, faculty members, parents and students were all left to wonder…

Is online learning better than traditional learning?

Well, let us take a closer look at this conundrum.

Is online learning better than traditional education?

Well, this debate is up in the air. The answer to this question might vary depending on who you ask.

Most students will go out on a limb to express their detest on studying online, from poor online course design, disengaged instructors to technological mishaps.

However, parents and teachers might not completely share these views when it comes to online learning.

To them, online learning has provided an efficient and suitable system of learning since it is easy to check on the students’ progress and because of its geographic boundlessness.

Benefits of online learning.

Let us dive deeper into some of the perks that online education presents.

Geographic Boundlessness.

One of the most obvious advantages of online learning is how anyone from anywhere can participate in learning regardless of how far they are.

It is as simple as owning a laptop and access to a reliable source of the internet.

This means that unlike traditional learning where the number of students enrolled in a class might be limited to the actual size of a classroom, the number of students enrolled in an online class is limitless as long as it is reasonable.

Many schools including prestigious universities have been constantly exploring online learning as a whole due to this specific property such that now they are degree-based courses that are fully conducted online.

Yes, anyone from anywhere can get in, with the required credentials of course.

So with online learning, anyone from anywhere can participate, this is pretty remarkable, a huge stride from traditional learning.

Faster and frequent feedback. 

Another advantage of online learning is its frequent and constant feedback.

Believe it or not, studying online makes it easier for lecturers and students to get in touch and vice versa.

This is simply because there are constant assessments that teachers are required to make from time to time.

Slow students sleeping through the cracks till the final exams become less likely due to the results of the assessment checks.

Better yet, students can easily reach out to their instructors by email or message instead of looking for them in their offices as they would have in traditional learning set up.

Online education is cheaper.

Compared to traditional learning where you would have been required to be attending the campus, online studies require little to no extra charge besides tuition fees.

For instance, university students spend tonnes of money annually on on-campus activities such as renting out places to live, transportation and upkeep.

Online learning completely removes all these charges and simmers down to the tuition fees, doing away with other expenses.

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Online learning offers control over your schedule.

Though some virtual learning programs require students to attend lectures at certain times, most of these lectures are pre-recorded and available for later reference.

This allows students to go through the learning materials at their own pace compared to traditional education.

Students are also allowed to integrate other activities into their schedule with ease.


It is fair to say that online learning possesses some favourable perks compared to traditional learning.

However, this does not mean it is as seamless as it might sound to be, there are some drawbacks it an experience that makes it less effective such as technological constraints.

However, do not miss out on the trend, enroll on an online course and see it for yourself.