Things you need in your backpack to become a professional traveler

Whether you took a gap year before starting college and would like to travel the world or you’ve just quit your corporate job and are looking towards spending the next year backpacking through the world, here are a few things that will definitely come in handy when on a journey.

Second passport

What makes a professional traveler stand out from other people is that most of them have a second passport that they use to travel while their first one is used to obtain a visa. Both of these passports are issued and can be legally possessed by an American citizen, so don’t confuse it with dual citizenship or another country.


Traveling implies moving often to places that have completely different climates, so your clothes need to be versatile. A sweater is a must no matter where you’re going, even if it is a tropical country, as you will be surprised by how cold it tends to get at night in places where you can fry eggs on the streets during the day. I recommend getting a men’s knitted sweater made of merino wool as these no matter your gender, because it will keep you warm and it can also be modest enough to wear at religious ceremonies or in countries where you need to cover yourself. Bonus tip: roll it up and use it as a pillow, it is soft and comfortable.


You might think: I am traveling with my backpack only, why would I take an agenda with me when I have my phone and I can write everything there? The truth is a professional traveler has an insane amount of plans and things to keep in mind, not just restaurant recommendations or schedules for the most important touristic attractions, but also lots of details from legal documents and visas. Plus, sometimes when you go to places that you know little to nothing about, you might not be sure when you’ll be able to charge your phone the next time so an agenda that contains all the information you need is a must in your backpack.

Universal travel adapter

If it is your first time outside your home country, you will be surprised to find out that there are more than 10 other different types of plugs that countries around the world use and if you’re not prepared, you might find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. A universal travel adapter will be your best friend during the trip, because it will allow you to charge your phone and use all your devices. Make sure to get one while still in the country and not at any airport, as you can end up spending three times more its actual worth.


You’d think you’d need a pen to write down your plans in the agenda, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but you also need it to complete the insane amount of paperwork that needs to be completed in airports or when asking for a visa. Don’t get anything fancy like a fountain pen, as they aren’t practical and can leak; a basic Bic pen will have to do.