The True Meaning of Spruche

Spruche is German for the word Saying. What is a saying you ask? Well, it is a written or spoken expression that is memorable in the eyes of people. The reason for this is due to it’s meeting, style, person who said it, or just general tone. Whatever it is, sayings can get popular for a lot of different reasons, which is the biggest thing we want to get across right now. One of the more popular ways to quote things is to take it from movies, tv shows, and other similar forms of media.

“Hey, I’m walking here!” Is a popular quote from Dustin Hoffman that was said in a movie. It’s one of those movies that is often quoted it. It’s hard to say what makes something a popular saying. Sometimes it can be chance or luck, other times it might be how quotable the saying is. This might sound confusing, but we just want to get across that sayings are an important part of our daily life. I use sayings in my daily life as well. I am someone who writes for a living (freelance writer if you want to get technical about it) so there is a reason why I will use sayings in the piece of work. It will make the work stand out or just help emphasize something, So go crazy or don’t. Just use a saying in your daily life for whatever reason you may want. Sometimes I just quote them because it’s very fun to use them or it helps really get my point across.

So enjoy the fact that sayings against and don’t feel shy about using some every now and then. You also don’t have to use them at all. It just really depends on the person and what they feel like doing.