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Top Reasons Why You Should Select Serviced Apartments

In the travelling industry, one of the buzz phrases these days is serviced apartments – and for very good reason. For both leisure and business travellers, they are the solution for many traditional accommodation option problems. This is especially true in London, and Reading serviced apartments are widely known.


Let’s start with a factor that all of us consider – money. Travelling is often expensive. Businesses attempt to achieve a healthy bottom line, which means that leisure travellers really need to watch their wallets carefully. Typically, serviced apartments deliver much more for less money. This is especially true when you are travelling on a longer stay or with a larger group or family.

Comfort When You Really Need It

Frequently we underrate how important home comforts are when travelling. We have a tendency to accept that we will lose certain comforting aspects of our daily lives (whether that is … Read More

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The Best Egypt Destinations

egypt landscapeWhen you are ready to enjoy your vacation and relax your time away, these relaxing destinations are the perfect choice. They include a combination of amazing culture, warm weather, leisure activities, along with beautiful coastal scenery. Whether you want to find a sleepy town or a vibrant hotspot, you can find what you want within this list. Plus, these destinations are also perfect for short excursions to historic sites like St. Catherine’s or Karnak, and trips to the desert. However, if you spend time on the beach, you will find breathtaking coastline, exhilarating water sports, and the best marine life the world has to offer.


A beautiful town on the east bank of the Nile, you should make sure to stop here on your holiday. You are also able to spend time watching all that is under the water without getting wet when you choose to spend time on … Read More

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Growing in the Right Direction

One of the reasons our sales growth was so minimal for several years is because we were approaching it the wrong way. As a company, we attended a verkooptraining seminar last fall, and we learned so much from it. My own approach was always to sell the company to prospective customers, and that was the wrong approach. You may wonder how that is even possible because that is exactly what I thought too. However, I quickly came to understand that I would have better luck if I sold myself to the customer first.

The customer may have the need for what my company offers, but I have to sell myself first.… Read More

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12 fun facts about Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of many highlights in the North of England. While most in the UK refer to locals as Geordies, nevertheless, the city has played an important part in the history of the UK. It’s technological achievements and past industries have made it an important hub of commerce and culture.

But there are some surprising facts about the city that you may not know. Every city has its fun facts and secrets; Newcastle is no different. To really enjoy the city of Newcastle, you should book your stay with thesqua.re, a global marketplace for serviced apartments that ticks all the boxes for business and leisure travellers.

Below, you can discover more about the city in 12 fun facts:

  1. There are seven bridges in Newcastle upon Tyne

Yep, that’s right. There are seven bridge in Newcastle that cross the river in the space of half a mile. … Read More

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How to Remortgage With One’s Current Lender?

Remortgaging can save homeowners thousands of pounds over the term of their mortgage, allowing them to avoid hefty interest hikes and to take advantage of attractive competing offers and texas cash out refinance. While many borrowers assume that a remortgage requires them to go with a competing financial institution from the one they are currently with, the truth is that staying with one’s current lender could be more advantageous. Many lenders offer loans to current borrowers that are not only designed to maintain their customer base but can also be more competitive than what is on offer from other lenders. Staying with one’s current lender, however, requires a bit of extra research as many of the best deals for existing customers are not published online. With this in mind, this article will look at the advantages of staying with one’s current lender, and how to find the best mortgage … Read More

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