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Growing in the Right Direction

One of the reasons our sales growth was so minimal for several years is because we were approaching it the wrong way. As a company, we attended a verkooptraining seminar last fall, and we learned so much from it. My own approach was always to sell the company to prospective customers, and that was the wrong approach. You may wonder how that is even possible because that is exactly what I thought too. However, I quickly came to understand that I would have better luck if I sold myself to the customer first.

The customer may have the need for what my company offers, but I have to sell myself first.… Read More

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12 fun facts about Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of many highlights in the North of England. While most in the UK refer to locals as Geordies, nevertheless, the city has played an important part in the history of the UK. It’s technological achievements and past industries have made it an important hub of commerce and culture.

But there are some surprising facts about the city that you may not know. Every city has its fun facts and secrets; Newcastle is no different. To really enjoy the city of Newcastle, you should book your stay with thesqua.re, a global marketplace for serviced apartments that ticks all the boxes for business and leisure travellers.

Below, you can discover more about the city in 12 fun facts:

  1. There are seven bridges in Newcastle upon Tyne

Yep, that’s right. There are seven bridge in Newcastle that cross the river in the space of half a mile. … Read More

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6 Best Pens For Taking Notes For College Students

Do you hate to take notes as a student? Maybe it’s because you have not found the right pen that will make you eager to always take notes during lectures.

Are you even aware you can improve your grade with a good pen? Shocking right? Now, when you take notes, you get the chance to read and revise what you have written from time to time, and passing your exams will not be difficult. Also, neat writing can earn you the right grades, and all of this would be possible when you use the perfect pen.

Best Pens for Note Taking at College Classes in 2021 - A Tutor

How can you tell which pen is the best for taking notes? You can scan through Collected.Reviews for the best companies that sell stationery products. Read reviews about such companies and you will discover the best pens for taking notes. According to reviews and research, below is a list of the best 6 … Read More

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Are paid online courses better than free ones?

A lot of educational platforms offer both free and paid courses. However, there is an age-old debate over which is higher in importance; free courses or paid ones. Irrespective of if you are opting for a paid or free online store, it is important to have the right electronics and gadgets. Hence, you should find useful gadgets brands online reviews on BritainReviews. From the reviews, you will get to know the right electronics and budgets you should buy for your online course.

Paid Vs Free Online Digital Marketing Courses: Choose Wisely! — Digital  Marketing Consultants Specialized in SEO, Paid Search | Los Angeles

The biggest platform that offers free courses is youtube. However, taking a course on youtube is not completely enjoyable.

You will have to see ads several times and that is a huge drawback. Such things get you distracted easily. In some cases, for people who have a fragile learning system, this frequency of ads can damage their grasping capacity. If you want to enjoy watching videos without … Read More

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4 Reasons Why Online Education Is Better Than Traditional Education?

2020 saw a tremendous change, especially in activities that were perceived as normal.

Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes | Goodwin University

From Friday game nights with friends, Sunday afternoon hangouts, dates to family gatherings.

All these activities were deemed as hazards with the spread of the contagious diseases; COVID-19.

The education landscape in particular experienced even more change as it was one of the industries that were most affected by the contagious virus.

Take a look at people’s complaints and compliments on different company’s policy and managerial changes at Us-reviews.com through the COVID-19 pandemic.

To prevent the virus from spreading and increasing the number of infected individuals, schools across the globe were halted and for a moment, the continuity of learning was uncertain.

However, online education was quickly adopted and distant learning became the norm.

Both teachers and students without prior experience or training jumped on this ship and conducted learning through educational and video conferencing platforms.

As … Read More

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Fleas and ticks: They can be deadly to your pets

Fleas and ticks are never the tiny and harmless creatures that most people regard them to be, but they can be irritating and even deadly to pets.

Hasil gambar untuk Fleas and ticks: They can be deadly to your pets

While pet owners would generally agree that fleas and ticks thrive in a pet’s favorite play area, such as the backyard teeming with tall grass with a moist environment, there are unsuspecting and unfamiliar places that can be equally suitable for fleas and ticks to thrive- even inside your home.

Fleas and ticks can be lurking anywhere.


These tiny creatures can be found almost anywhere, and in fact, they are present almost all 50 states in the US- from sunny Florida down to the chilly climate of Washington. It’s not surprising to find that your pet could get infected with a routine visit to a Virginia Beach veterinary hospital where it can easily jump from one animal to another without the host … Read More

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The Heavenly Island Of Punta Cana: Book Your Flights To Visit This Exotic Island

Do you remember the time when you had a stroll by the beach with your partner? If your answer is no then, you should seize the first opportunity and head towards the island of Punta Cana. This beautiful island offers you a truly romantic atmosphere with palm trees swaying in cool breeze. This island enjoys a sunny and warm climate all round the year and hence can be visited at any time of the year.

Image result for The Heavenly Island Of Punta Cana: Book Your Flights To Visit This Exotic Island

Punta Cana is a popular tourist destination for it offers its guests with an array of sport activities which go a long way in de-stressing you from your pressurizing city life. It comes as no surprise that this destination is visited by American and European tourists frequently. With numerous flight connections available, travelling to Punta Cana is hassle free and convenient. At the same time, you will find cheap tickets to Punta Cana easily available … Read More

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